Who started this whole mess?

Larry did it! Larry Mullen pinned a note on the school bulletin board. Apparently he felt that he had wasted money on a drum kit and was wondering if anyone else had wasted money on guitars! At the first band meeting the guys could barely fit into Larry's kitchen what with the 40 foot lemon that Paul Hewson brought. Adam Clayton's hair also caused a few problems- mainly because he had gotten it firmly wedged in the doorway and the boys had a doozie of a time trying to pry him loose. Shy young Dave Evans showed up sporting an eye-liner goatee in the hope that it would make him look terrifically cool, tough and guitar-god like. Larry was just... well, Larry! That day, they realized several things: a) that the Lemon would have to wait, and b) Dave and Larry were really the only ones who could play! And so begins the story of our guys and how they made it to the top...

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